The Essentials of Zen and Mindful Meditation



The simplicity of any focused practice is the point of the breath & thus connecting to our very essence, our inner ‘life force’ our inner ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ as referred to in qigong, tai chi practice. The point of breath is the connection to our inner stillness. Our breath can be a powerful tool, to assist in calming our ‘racing monkey minds’, our altered ego that tends to limit us with self-limiting beliefs and can take us off our focus and inner balance. Our body is merely a vessel, yet our mind and spirit can go beyond our boundaries of confined, conceptual thinking. The breath is a point of bringing ourselves to our centre, calming the mind, our emotions, grounding ourselves to the present moment and just ‘being.’ The importance of breath work during mindful, meditation practise begins with :

Focus attention of the breath starting from the belly, stomach…

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