Super Energising Smoothie of the week! 

Eagle’s Superfood Pomegrante Smoothie 🙂



Eagle’s Healthy Lifestyleguru tips on Pomegranate:

A Superfood that goes straight to the ❤️ Heart, brilliant for blood circulation and has incredible properties for anti-oxidants. 🙂 

In fact the ruby red seeds within this fruit, has more powerful antioxidants than cranberry juice! 

Pomegranate seeds owe their superfood status to polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants.

Medicinal with high in vitamin B,C,K, potassium…

Wonderful medicinal purposes (we wonder why over 90% of the natural plants within the amazon rainforest can be used for natural medicinal purposes). During my research and study, whilst living in Bali, Indonesia, it was incredible and insightful to try their exotic array of plants & fruits, and how effective their ‘natural medicinal gardens are!  

Enjoy the start to your day with an energising super Pomegrante smoothie! 


Remember positive throughts create positive outcome. Find time to be ‘still’ in nature and remember to ‘smell the roses along the way.’….. 

~ namaste, 🙂

Eagle Colleen, Lifestyleguru