Good Afternoon to you ALL, it’s been a very busy past few weeks with my new creation of a lifestyle guru blog! Integrating all aspects of myself, my gifts, creativity, knowledge, skills & experience I’ve learned over the years…I’m so grateful to be sharing these gifts for the highest of good and to be of service to my fellow human beings, brothers and sisters and mostly importantly towards the preservation of Pachamama, our beautiful home, Mother Earth! (yet also most importantly, enjoying & appreciating life (cannot be too serious!)…. and smelling the roses along the way…

I encourage you to have a browse through my new lifestyle Blog at your own leisure and you are welcome to follow my latest postings by pressing the ‘follow’ button on my Blog.

My passion and commitment towards sharing my ‘conscious living lifestyle’ blog is to create an awareness towards our everyday living and how the choices we make, our actions, thoughts has a huge impact on our living environment and thus affects not only ourselves, but the environment around us. Extending to our loved ones, family, friends, strangers, natural environment, animals, Mother Nature as a whole… I share this analogy of ‘throwing a pebble into the pond’ … How the ripple effectsΒ from this action, becomes the catalyst…it causes the ripples to extend outwards…


Β As the saying goes…when a ‘butterfly flaps its wings’ from Mexico, it can be felt thousands of miles across the continent, in France...

The best we can do, is to become role models to not only ourselves, but to the people around us, our local communities. ‘Walk your talk and be a shining example on a daily basis, not just when you having a good day, or people are being ‘nice’ to you… It all starts within you out your elderly or young neighbour, join your local charity, or one abroad, whether for humans or animals, or both, look for where your gifts can be of service.

Inner fullness starts with being of service and then the inner joy, inner happiness, inner prosperity manifests into your everyday life. Be of service from ‘love’ and compassion, not just from ‘what can I get from this?’ It is far more of a centred and nourished place to begin and just ‘BE’, ‘BECOME’….

One of the most inspiring and nourishing ways to stay ‘connected’ in our everyday living (with all the responsibilities and dreams and plans,goals we wish to achieve and do) is to take a quiet walk in nature, connect with the trees, animals, nature and close your eyes and take a deep belly breath….don’t forget to exhale! πŸ˜‰ and just ‘BE’…. (Tree hippie hugging is not required, if you wish to do so, go ahead, but if discretion is what you prefer, a relaxing walk and connecting with nature at your own pace is just as affective)…:-)

Enjoy reading my Blog and I am happy to receive comments on my posts, thank you ~

‘Quintessentially, it’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a way of life.’


With happiness, health&wellbeing,

Namaste ~ Eagle Colleen