Soaring Eagle’s Juice Tip for the week!Β 

Green & Energising= Balance&Harmony = Yin & Yang

Soaring Eagle's Energising Green Alkaline Smoothie
Soaring Eagle’s Energising Green Alkaline Smoothie

Bonjour! After a quick trip across the English Channel to the beautiful land of sunny France, being inspired by the fragrance and taste of delicious French Cuisine, the sophistication, fashion, arts & culture and the language of ‘love’ πŸ’—. A perfect place to be ‘inspired’ for Lifestyle Blogging! I have many gifts and tips to share from this this space… But for now back to the topic of healthy ‘GREENS‘….

Sunny days are finally here, London, Europe and we need our ‘GREENS‘ if you are a vegetarian, vegan, raw person (excuse the pun) or not, fact is we need our greens! The veggies and fruit we eat, help to assist ourselves to resonate, vibe, grow, synthesise with the sun and thus we increase our ‘happy hormones’ ‘endorphins’ and have a more of a ‘feel good factor’ (especially when the sun is shinning it helps with the good vibes!) if we are not ‘growing’ or ‘transforming’ there is no expansiveness within our health and wellbeing. Nature has its cycles and yes, as humans we are part of nature and itsΒ natural cycles…

Greens are rich in chlorophylls, zinc, iron, antioxidants, plant compounds like phytoestrogens and photosterols.

Greens brings our natural bodies ‘homeostasis’ back to balance through the alkaline within greens, bringing the PH Balance within our body to its natural level. (too much acidity within our eating plan throws our natural PH Balance off centre). Thus a contribution towards IBS, indigestion, stomach ulcers.


Green Fruit and Veggies nurture your Heart, connected to the ‘Chakra System’ within your body πŸ™‚

Heart Chakra (meaning spinning wheel) within your bodies system
Heart Chakra (meaning spinning wheel) within your bodies system

My suggestion this SUMMER is Don’t be shy to really top up with thoseΒ GREENS! Β With the SUN SHINNING,Β we tend to be more active, speeding up our metabolism, more exercise, outdoors, increasing our energy levels, ideally to replace our energy…greens has many benefits.Β 

I’m convinced by the power of GREENS within an eating plan, which really assisted my father overcome prostate cancer last year, through my green cleansers and beet cleansers. I do not like to refer to the word ‘Diet’, as this has a restrictive negative connotation to the word and can limit our connection to enjoying food) an ‘Eating plan’ is more conjusive to your specific body type and what it needs. Therefore, ‘generic diets’ do not tend to be ‘specific’ for your body type. (just my humblest and honest opinion) However, each to their own, I always suggest my clients, family and friends who ask for my advice to learn to ‘listen to your body’ too) and follow basic guide lines by a natural health specialist.

GREENs to top up for your juice cleansers and smoothies ~

Fresh or powdered wheatgrass

Kale, Spinach leaves




Green Apples



To thicken your smoothie you can add banana, almond milk, for your Green Juice Cleansers add fresh coconut water, Enjoy!

Happy & Healthy Smoothing and Juicing this Summer with your Energising Greens! πŸ™‚

Soaring Eagle's Green Energising Smoothie
Soaring Eagle’s Green Energising Smoothie

~ Namaste, Eagle Colleen, Lifestyleguru, Blogger

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