The Sun is out! June has arrived, the squirrels & Robins are about and more people are smiling!

London in the SUMMER! πŸ™‚


Soaring Eagle’s Zesty, Orange, Apple, Ginger & French Lavender Smoothie!

Boost your immune system this summer, to super charge your energy levels and feel as though, you can actually fly! πŸ˜‰ it’s that good, so start your day with this healthy zest, summer smoothie. Enjoy!


Action Steps~

A focused mind Positive & happy thoughts (as this ‘energy thought’ goes into the smoothie)

A power blender & ‘Turn up the Volume’, to your favourite song

x3 Oranges (ideal from farmers market)
X3 Apples Raw,
Fresh Ginger sliced
French Lavender dried or essential oil

Method ~
Add Fruits and ginger, French Lavender, (x3 drops of the essential oil, or add a pinch of dry lavender) put in your blender ~ blitz and enjoy the healthy goodness!

Soak up the sunshine and enjoy being healthy this summer….

~ namaste, Eagle

Eagle Colleen In Rainforest of Bali, Indonesia

*As a qualified aromatherapist (IFA), I can advise the French Lavender is the best quality of Lavender due to their climate and terrain, adding Lavender helps to bring an inner balance to your immune system and certain essential oils can be used in cooking and blending juicers and smoothies for health benefits*