Essentials of Simplicity&Food…with Finesse

Soaring Eagle’s Lime Green Salad with Freshly Oven Baked, Gluten Free Pita…

Soaring Eagle's Lime Green Salad

Essentials Foodie Tips on Keeping it Simple….

Salads are delicious when combined with tasty ingredients and most importantly a yummy, scrumptious Β sauce πŸ™‚

I usually have a light snack in between my daily exercise, running & tai chi. To eat, ideally many light meals during the day, which helps with the bodies natural balance & metabolism.Β 

Healthy Green Tips ~

To make a simple healthy salad, top up on your greens~

Baby Spinach Leaves, Spring onions, Watercress, Avocados, Lime, Asparagus, Celery, Coriander

For Carbs add warm oven baked, gluten-free pita bread.


The Magic Secret about Limes in a Green Salad ~

Either grate the rind of a lime onto your salad OR

Finely chop a small part of the rind and add this into the salad for a zesty salad dressing recipe~

Drizzle the olive oil into a bowl

Squeeze half a lemon

Add finely grated lime (the rind)

A dash of honey & a dash of traditional Colman’s English MustardΒ 

Drizzle onto salad & enjoy being healthy!

Enjoy your fresh & healthy lime green salad this summer! πŸ™‚


~namaste, Eagle Colleen, LifestyleGuru


*Some interesting facts on the English History of the traditonal English Colman’s Mustard, which we have probably all tried once in our lifetimes…during my grandparents days, this would always, traditionally be placed on the family dinning table, adding a delicious flavour to our traditonal home ~cooked meals. I never knew the history about the delicious English Colman’s Mustar until my Blogging post, today! Hope you find it just as interesting! πŸ™‚