The Internal Power & POINT of FOCUS ~

Eagle Colleen within the Rainforest of Bali, Indonesia

Lasts year I wrote this……” during my time in Bali, traveling on my own and immersing myself within the local Balinese community&culture, and 17 months of mindful spiritual practise within the jungle, had its moments of internal bliss, fear, transformation and complete surrender to the path. Confronted with illness, parasites, snakes, spiders, Komodo Dragons &Β all kinds of creepy crawlies, Mother Nature showed me, ‘who is really running the show!’ I learned how commitment, dedication and FOCUS, brings about massive transformation…

Beautiful Butterfly in Bali! Symbolism of Transformation πŸ™‚
Eagle Colleen, Bali, Indonesia, reading her review in British Tatler
Eagle Colleen, Bali, Indonesia, reading her review in British Tatler

Little did I realise whilst in Bali, my ‘organic homegrown’ blog would attract the attention of the British Vogue, British Tatler & Harpers Bazaar UK. (Which I’m really grateful for) My message is…. there is a need for ‘holistic health’ andΒ wellbeing in every area of life, no matter what your background, culture, creed and religious beliefs. ‘Your health is your wealth.’ Your body is a temple, so take care of it. πŸ™‚Β Go for your dreams, share your creative gifts and talents with the world, never give up, take one step at a time, live your life with purpose…Love is key …What a positive effect this is having….”

Review on my Eco Friendly BLOG in the Harpers Bazaar magazine.
Review on my Eco Friendly BLOG in the Harpers Bazaar magazine



Can fashion and wellbeing, spirituality be combined? Yes! Fashion magazines are becoming more aware about conscious living and are pioneering for the positive message about our health & wellbeing.

Living within the 21st century our lives are fast pace with modern technology and billions of people daily out in ‘cyber space’ on the Internet, it’s extra important to be mindful about our health and wellbeing. Eating the right foods, exercising, surrounding ourselves with nourishing, positive, loving people, family& friends. Taking care of our health is multi ~dimensional in all aspects ~mind, body and spirit.

‘by throwing the pebble into the pond, the positive ripple effect extends outwards’ …

Point of FOCUS brings about wonderful TRANSFORMATION, going beyond our personal fears, self limitations, self-doubt and in process allowing our true inner potential to shine through and thus being of greater service to ourselves and others….

~Namaste Eagle Colleen, Lifestyleguru

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