Eagle’s Energising Grapefruit Cleanser!

Eagle's ~Energising Grapefruit CleanserAs I prepare to fly, for my next trip to the exotic and beautiful Island of Bali, Indonesia, (I will keep you all posted and updated on the delicious Indonesian vegan/vegetarian cuisine I’ll be tasting!) With fresh coconuts and tranquil, serene surroundings of the stunning Balinese landscape.

Eagle's Energising Grapefruit Cleanser

A taste of my specialty, ‘Energising Grapefruit Cleanser’ !

Ingredients: (ideally organic produce from a local farmer’s market)

  • fresh Grapefruit
  • fresh Oranges
  • fresh Lime (half)
  • fresh Basil leaves
  • A dash of honey to sweeten (if you prefer to be sweeter πŸ™‚ )
  • Coconut Water
  • Blend, jiggle and jive to your favourite summer tunes, happy positive mind πŸ™‚ ( this makes the smoothie more energising!)

Sip and enjoy that delicious Smoothie!Β 

Sunset, Gili Islands, Indonesia



I’m looking forward to seeing my local Balinese family and immersing myself in their amazing culture and everyday life. A very magical and beautiful land…as the Eagle soars… Watch this space ….:-)

Eagle Colleen, Bali Indonesia

~ Namaste ~ Eagle Colleen ~

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