One of the most beautiful destinations in the world, in my personal experience….the South of France ~Monaco, Monte Carlo…with itsΒ tranquil turquoise oceans, rugged cliffs, bright sunny climate, itsΒ allure of sophistication and prestige…this gives a sense of mystery to the passing tourist and leaves you with an openness to explore this beautiful destination.



However to the locals, it may have another appeal, yet the beauty and mystique of the landscape is certainly a positive reason to return....

Discovering the exceptional quality and fine dining, gourmet restaurants, cafe’s, beautiful beaches and of course on a relaxed sunny afternoon watching the world go by, whilst sipping a cappuccino and tasting a traditional French croissant, (pain au chocolat), people watching and observing the elegant & impressive fashionable parade of the tourists and locals. An ‘air’ of the ‘bourgeoise’, French lifestyle at it’s most opulence, but why not?

A quality lifestyle…it’s a personal choice…the important consideration, however, is how to live in harmony with our natural environment and bring this into our everyday living, including our health & wellbeing. It is a personal preference and a ‘conscious’ choice, which is becoming of a ‘new age’ and is the appealing factor of quality lifestyle living….

Health & wellbeing and living in harmony and balance within your natural environment.



The legend and memory of the gracious, Princess Grace Kelly, to this day has a presence in Monaco, with the beautiful backdrop of picturesque mountains and turquoise ocean, a special place on top of a cliff overlooking the French ocean…resembling the essence of Princess Grace Kelly, the mystery and her exquisite beauty…


Monaco, Monte Carlo, South of France it has been an honour to visit…

“A wonderful experience& hospitality!” 😊

Avoir ~ Thank you

~ Words Written by Eagle Colleen ~ Lifestyleguru & Professional Blogger

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