Wishing you all A Happy New Year, 2016!

Finally! After overcoming jet~lag and  a personal health and well being retreat in Bali, for relaxation and rejuvenation time out and daily meditation, exploring under water marine life….I’m back to my passion, blogging


Overcoming my ‘writer’s block’ after long distance travel (bloggers you know the feeling!) This post is well over due, (I admit) However, keeping my blog ‘authentic’ and ‘organic’ is the only way it can remain a ‘conscious living’ lifestyle Blog..

Lord Taylor of Warwick (centre) Eagle Colleen (left), Alex Addae-Brobbey (left)& Colleague(right)

Before I traveled to Bali, I had the honour of being invited to the Houses of Parliament by conscious living fashion brand, London Ethnic. To blog about their event, held in the Jubilee Room of Westminster Palace. The main topic of conversation being – “How UK democracy has inspired British fashion.”

To view London Ethnic website:

Firstly, I would like to thank London Ethnic and their inspirational  team for their well organised event! They invited impressive established speakers, MP’s, a Member from the House of Lords, politicians including Baroness Jo Valentine, Tulip Siddiq MP, Ian Paisley MP, influential people within the fashion industry, including Kate Hills – the founder of Make it British, including invited celebrities, press, social media, fashion bloggers &fashion designers.




London Ethnic gave us an insightful introduction to their brand’s ethos and clarified, how our choice of shopping and where we shop as a consumer, has an impact on the natural environment, socially, globally, economically and within our local communities.

However the big question is…

What can ‘we’ collectively and ‘singularly’, as individuals do and how to possibly take action, on such a ginormous task?

Firstly, it begins with the consumer, more so in the western part of the hemisphere. With education being an important key factor. Fashion brand, London Ethnic clearly defines this, through their organic brand, which promotes and aids a particular lifestyle choice. By being a ‘role model’ to bigger brands and being pro-active by supporting charities in India & ethical fair trade.



Fortunately, we had the opportunity for Q&A and I was given the chance to voice my question, thanks to spokesperson, for the event, Keith Maynard, actor and TV representative for Celebrity Cruises.

He graciously, introduced us to the speakers and gave us, the audience of bloggers, fashion designers, journalists, MP’s the chance to ask our very ‘pressing’ questions.

To view Keith Maynard’s website


Spokesperson -Keith Maynard


I‘ve quoted my question, I put across to Lord Taylor of Warwick. (Currently a Member of the House of Lords), whom precisely gave his answer~

Eagle Colleen~ “Good afternoon, Lord Taylor, thank you for the opportunity of putting this question across to you.”

“Clearly we are seeing as a human race, economical and environmental change, people nowadays are becoming more aware of where they shop as a consumer, especially through the choice of ‘ethical trade.’ As an example today, with the fashion brand ‘London Ethnic’, currently a leading role model for this global, economic friendly change. We, as a human race, especially in the western world, have the choice of where we purchase, regarding our clothing, food and even travel.

There is evidently, a ‘green’ movement happening globally, an ‘ecological’ and economical shift..Do you envisage a solution for this global issue of ‘environmental change’ and how can we possibly, begin to contribute, towards this rapid evolution within our natural environment? Locally within our own communities and extending to the bigger whole, globally?”

To ‘enlighten’ you all, regarding Lord Taylor of Warwick’s answer. He sincerely answered my question with clarity and gave us insightful solutions. I was impressed with his honesty and ‘down to earth’ demeanor and how he eloquently and truthfully answered my question.

To share a brief summary on Lord Taylor’s answer ~

He encouraged me to send my questions to No.10 Downing Street! A Good start!

Fashion, he explained is historically a personal statement and has been for centuries. “It is about history and making a statement.” ” We take a look back in time from the history and genre of music for example , ‘David Bowie’, a musical legend, (whom he personally met and interviewed). Music becomes a ‘fashion statement’.” (Politics and music, an interesting topic of conversation)….

We were given a ‘peek view’ into what Politicians selectively wear at No.10 Downing Street. The importance of displaying a ‘politically correct message’ and the choice of clothing worn by politicians. Another example of history, fashion & politics, Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Lady) her portrayed iconic image, her own sense of ‘fashion’ and ‘image’ spoke to the people of Great Britain and left a mark in history.

david bowie



The point being, our ‘role models’ whether they are musicians, actors, celebrities, politicians, authors, presenters, fashion designers, mentors, (the list is continuous). We look up to them as an ‘image’ a physical persona through fashion. Our role models and their choice of clothing, certainly makes an impressive statement!

It seems I now have another point of view regarding the fashion ‘statements’ that happens inside No.10 Downing Street!


A solution Lord Taylor suggested, is by being more proactive and supporting brands like London Ethnic. You can start by writing to your local MP’s within your community, find out who they are. Speak your voice, voting for your local MP helps and build a rapport with your local MP’s, work with them. They are open to questions and suggestions. Be more proactive as opposed to complacency.

“Change can only occur through working together as a community.”

Most importantly Lord Taylor of Warwick encouraged us to shop more wisely and consciously. London Ethnic as an example of a new trending, Eco fashionable label and role model, towards making an impactful difference to the way we shop as a consumer.  Not just by choice, but the action of ‘necessity’ for there to be a ‘progressive’ change as a consumer.

“Supporting Fair trade brands and become a conscious shopper”


As the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi once said ” Be the change you wish to see in the world.”



Thank you Lord Taylor of Warwick for your knowledge, wisdom and inspirational words shared.

London Ethnic gave us an introduction to their to showcase A/W 15 fashion collection. The collection named ‘Urban Nature’ inspired by London architecture.






After our Q&A we had the pleasure to view latest fashion trends and the opportunity to ‘mingle’ and network . Enjoying fair trade, organic snacks and drinks. It was an educational occasion which I thoroughly enjoyed!





Thanks again to London Ethnic, organisers and guest speakers, MP’s, Bloggers, Fashion Designers.

~ Namaste Eagle Colleen ~ Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger




Eagle Colleen, Bali Indonesia