Transformation is part of our every day lives.. If we become more ‘present’ and ‘see’ the simple gifts around in each given moment…


This is my first day of my 21 ‘Mindful Mantra’s ‘ sharing parts of my Organic Inspirations from the beautiful Island of Bali. A place that inspires me to write and blog more often…😊🙏

Enjoy reading my blog posts, over 21 inspirations, I shall blog and write organically, posting as I go along..

..My team and I appreciate all your comments and thank you for following our blog!

~ namaste, Eagle Colleen









My journey in Bali so far has been a life transforming experience, spiritually enriching and hugely humbling experience… 😊🙏

You can have all the material wealth and possessions in the world, but without humility, your ‘material possessions’ mean nothing…it’s the fine ‘balance’ between the material and spiritual, that is ‘true wealth’

Daily Om Organic Mantra’s~ words & light ~Eagle Colleen

“I’m balanced and connected to myself and all life, the internal and external nature within me. I’m at balance with my spiritual and material nature and so it is, thank you”

(Close your eyes take a deep breath inhale & exhale, whilst saying the Mindful Mantra) x8 times.

Write down on a piece of paper if you wish to do so afterwards and put on your mirror or carry in your handbag, pocket and say to yourself throughout the day….

~namaste ~Eagle Colleen ~Lifestyle Blogger, Detox Practitioner

Eagle Colleen - Rainforest, Bali, Indonesia
Eagle Colleen – Rainforest, Bali, Indonesia