Thank you for following my blog…After many months, I’m back into ‘writers flow’…my team, teachers and I (including a social media  genius/’guru’ Gordon), have been working long hours to transform my new blog and website. Finally, we present it to you, still in process, but most importantly the ‘Eagle’ is back in flight, with her regular blogging and healthy tips & well-being updates!


Thank you to my ‘team’ for your contribution, hard work and support in launching the new blog and website. ‘It takes a team to build a dream.’ ~namaste.

Enjoy reading the new fresh & green blog!

Daily green Mantra’s for the next 21 days on well-being tips, conscious fashion, detoxing, juicing, connecting to your inner qi’/’chi’ breath work for divers, latest green news on eco celebs who do care, about preserving our natural planet.

Indigo an adorable lowland Gorilla I adopted at Durrell Wildlife Centre on the island of Jersey!

To adopt an animal at Durrell Wildlife Centre -

Traveling from London to Bali, Indonesia, these past few months have been a big personal, transforming experience. Climbing volcano’s, to learning to Scuba Dive and being back in the big blue ocean, exploring the mystery of the underwater kingdoms and attending traditional Balinese ceremonies.

Now, I’m about to embark on another adventure and learn free diving (yes with no tank) mermaid style. After 8 months of searching for a suitable free style diving school, I found the perfect place!  Creating a conscious awareness towards marine conservation.

free diving whaleshark 2

More than 75% of our  natural planet is made up of water and how little we know about our oceans! The fact is, we do need water and this element of water, has a calming and cleansing effect and helps brings us back to the present moment. The deep, big blue is a world beneath worlds and I shall be blogging about my experiences and the positive well-being aspects of immersing myself within the big, blue ocean.

Enjoy the next 21 days of ‘Organic Inspirations’ from the beautiful Island of Bali, the island of the gods’ ~ in gratitude


I appreciate all your comments and thank you for following my eco lifestyle blog!

~ namaste, Eagle Colleen, Lifestyle guru, Eco Blogger