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Mindful meditation, a practice that can be experienced in various ways. Most importantly we focus on being ‘present’ in the moment and focusing our attention on our inner ‘qi’ life force through our breath.

Grounding or ‘Earthing’ is a technique which can be applied on a daily basis by connecting naturally back to mother earth by being bare feet and standing on the earth, grass, soil. Taking in deep breaths and focusing on our feet being present, as if roots from a tree are growing into the ground to connect and earth yourself. This can be done over a few minutes and it has incredibly positive health benefits to your lower and upper back, well being and peace of mind.

Try this first thing in the morning and if you cannot earth yourself on natural ground, you can always stand bare foot in your home and visualize soil beneath your feet and pushing the soles of your feet into the ground.

If you are already practising meditation through yoga or a meditation practice, earthing and grounding is key to being present in your body! Remember ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience’, so be present.

Enjoy your ‘grounding’ and ‘earthing’ meditation ~ Presently – namaste- EC

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